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Guildford Based Business Set to Revolutionise the Global Point of Sale Space

The Guide 2 Surrey 10/07/2015 Staff Writer
the guide 2 surrey guildford unique secure business news MePOS point of sale product technology research retail

A Guildford firm looks set to revolutionise one of the most crucial systems in retail with their new product, the MePOS…

Unique Secure, based at Surrey Technology Centre in Guildford, has launched the MePOS, the world’s first ‘5-in-1’ intelligent, modular, self-diagnostic, fully brandable tablet POS, which offers retailers of all sizes the flexibility to set up their Point of Sale in five different positions, offering three different modes of selling – traditional, kiosk or mobile.  Retailers can adapt their Point of Sale to suit their environment and can brand all surfaces in order to fit in with the look and style of the store.

the guide 2 surrey guildford unique secure business news MePOS point of sale product technology reseFounded in 2002, Unique Secure provides industry leading security solutions for payments and point of sale to large global brands across numerous sectors, with deployments worldwide. Products range from traditional Chip and Pin security and mounting to mobile POS solutions.

Yesterday it was announced that the firm have been shortlisted for two awards in the national Payments Awards (Innovation of the Year and Most Disruptive Payments Technology). 

But with the MePOS, the company look set to offer a radical approach to retail that combines aesthetics with functionality.

Designed in-house by a team led by Chief Innovator, Jamie Croggon, former Head of Industrial Design at Gillette and, prior to that, Group R&D Leader at Dyson, this is the first POS on the market that offers five in one flexibility and complete integration with the tablet, PIN entry device (PED), printer, brain (diagnostic system) and scanner.

Image skins are one of the most appealing features of the product as they are easy to attach to the MePOS and can feature any graphic, providing unprecedented customisation opportunities. As the cost for a skin can be as low as £40, Unique Secure believes demand will be high amongst retailers wanting to change image skins on a regular basis in order to promote seasonal offers or new products, making a striking feature of the Point of Sale system.

David Rimer, CEO, says: “The MePOS is truly unlike any other POS or tablet-based system out there. It not only turns something as dull looking as a Point of Sale system into something which looks truly desirable, but also provides retailers with the flexibility they so desperately need.

“So far, we have secured a number of major orders – including a £4.4 million contract from a prestigious international organisation and a £1.4 million contract from an American reseller. We are also in talks with a number of other retailers about rolling the MePOS out to all their stores. We have really benefited from the prestigious Santander Breakthrough Programme. Santander has played a key role in our commercial successes to date and is an integral part of our future expansion plans.

“The MePOS is the first step in our strategy to revolutionise the retail counter and provide merchants with the power and flexibility they desperately need. It combines our experience of product development over the last 13 years with our in-depth understanding of the retail industry and we are very excited about the potential for the MePOS to transform the global POS market.”
For more information about the MePOS or to request a demo, 01483 688320, or email US@unique-secure.com or visit www.unique-secure.com


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