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The Guide 2 Surrey's Alternative Cinema

Will Knowlton 16/02/2017 Staff Writer
Alternative Cinema 

Don’t get us wrong; we all love the glitz and popcorn glamour of a large multi-plex cinema, but where has the panache and style of the independent picture house gone? We took a mooch about the county to bring you some of our fabulous independent cinemas and events dedicated to the magic of film and the way it brings people together…


Currently Showing: Fifty Shades Darker (18) / Lego Batman Movie (U) / Sing (U)

Reigate, Esher & Walton-on-Thames

Everyman Cinema is a part of a string of boutique cinemas with locations across the UK. Each cinema offers a unique foyer along with plush service and fantastic food. Can you think of another cinema where you can enjoy rest pizza and wine next to you as you sink into a soft sofa? Showcasing both Indie and mega block busters, the guys at Everyman have a passion for cinema which creates a magical experience for you and your family.



Showing: Sicko, 12th March / Hot Coffee, 19th March

13 Stoke Fields, Guildford / Phone: 01483 440022

Now we all know that the crux of cinema is all about living in the moment, suspending your disbelief and really letting yourself go. That’s the driving force behind the aim of the guys and girls of Social Cinema at the Boileroom. Airing what they deem to be “Movies with Meaning”, they want to get your cinematic minds thinking. However, they also create a social space for fans of celluloid worlds to come together. This is a chance to enjoy film and discuss it with like-minded fellows creating a shared experience. “Say hello to the person next to you and let’s enjoy the movie together.”



FilmopolisShowing: The Commitments, 18th March

Wilfrid Noyce Centre, Godalming
The lovechild of passionate cinephile Jez Gibson, Filmopolis is his mission to showcase old films in new ways, and conversely, new films in old ways. Usually running out of the Stoke Pub in town Jez and his team have created a new community of like-minded film fans who come together for a cocktail of movies, live music, comedy perhaps a tipple or two at the bar. In Jez’s words, “A movement of men and women, boys and girls who demand and deserve a fantastic night out without having to go to London.”

You can see what Filmopolis is all about on 18th March, with the screening of the Commitments, accompanied by live soul band, Soul Calibre.


Showing: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (PG) 18th February / Sully (12A) 21st February / Sylvia (15) 28th February

1 High Street, Cranleigh, Tel: 01483 278000

The Cranleigh Arts Centre is a fantastic space for all things creative. Nested in the heart of England’s biggest village the centre offers opportunities to whet your arty whistle in many ways including film. Regular screenings of the most up to date movies range from kids films all the way up to cutting edge art house flicks. Phone the box office for more information. Oh and by the way, it’s run by volunteers so this may also be an opportunity for you to get involved with your local arts scene and support a fantastic institution.



Showing: Wings (1927) (PG) 21st February / Gone With the Wind (1939) (PG) 22nd February

The Electric Theatre is a Guildford icon and institution. The former electricity plant plays host to a wondrous variety of cultural treats every year. Film plays an important part in their activities and their annual film festival attracts thousands each year. But it’s not all pomp and ceremony; film screenings continue throughout the year with tickets costing a multiplex beating £7! This February they’ll be screening recent award-winner I, Daniel Blake an in-depth and emotional look at modern Britain, and the end of the month sees a slew of cinema classics from Gone With the Wind to the Kind and I and Annie Hall.

Electric Theatre



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