DAD'S THE WORD New Year, New Adventures

17.01.2018 / words: Will Knowlton

2018 is upon us, the revelries of yesteryear have faded like green fronds of your £50 Christmas Tree and all that is left in the Roses box is the coffee ones. Yes, indeed it’s time to get the family out of the house and out into the fair county that surrounds our holds and manors…


Leisure Park, Churchill Way West, Basingstoke
Adults £12.00, Concession (aged 60+/Student with ID) £11.00, Child (aged 5-15 yrs) £8.00

We all want to escape January, but only the awesome Milestones Museum allows you to escape to another time in history. Explore what life was like for people in the past by wandering through Milestones’ old Victorian cobbled streets. This is a ‘living museum, so you might encounter many costumed characters on your visit. Enthusiasts will enjoy their collection of beautifully restored vintage vehicles, but if you prefer shopping you’ll be able to discover what shops used to be like before chain stores took over. The kids will love the 1940’s Sweetshop, and you can have a pint in the authentic Baverstock Arms. There’s even a Penny Arcade on Milestones’ Pier featuring vintage games machines including mechanical puppet shows, Test Your Strength, Grand National, table football and many more.

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Sat 20th January / 5pm-10pm / Tickets include skates & pads

Whether you’re a flailing mess or you skate with finesse, roller skating is timeless fun for all the family. And it’s even better when set to a pumping soundtrack. Apart from being fantastic fun, roller skating is great for core fitness and wellbeing.

Roller skating uses both side of the brain, builds strength and muscle and burns up over 600 calories per hour. You can take it at entirely your own pace, which makes it ideal for kids with special needs.

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Saturday 20th of January / 3pm / Bellerby Studio, G Live, Guildford

Who doesn’t like a bit of comedy? Of course comedy isn’t the preserve of adults, kids laugh too and can crack a gag as well as anyone! G Live are bringing a comedy club for kids every month: Comedy Club 4 Kids is all about cracking entertainment for everyone from six to 100. The club has the best comedians from the UK and world circuit coming along and of course there’s no rude bits! The show takes place in the G Live Bellerby Studio.

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HG Wells Conference Centre, 20th of January at 3:30pm

A fun-filled family concert that aims to introduce children to the joys of classical music as well as art. Great for their creative development and also a stonking good time to boot. There will be performances of Tchaikovsky as well as and art exhibition. Also, there’s a chance for everyone to try musical instruments, so who knows? Maybe you have a budding Mozart in your midst and you never really knew.

Tickets cost £7 and are available here:


The Tindle Studio at Farnham Maltings, 27th of January at 2:30 pm

Join the intrepid Miss Amelia Buttersnap, a clever and wily investigator of all things unseen and inventor of gadgets both marvellous and improbable as she heads out on a mission to prove that aliens exist.

Zooming off in her home-made rocket into space, Amelia takes her Translator Device and Teleporter Machine to find out if she can rescue Tibbles her cat as well as answer that question of questions: Are aliens friend…or foe?

A Real Alien Adventure is a rip-roaring, intergalactic space adventure.



Museum of Farnham, 27th of January, 11:00 until 12:30 as well as 2:30 until 4:00

This one’s aimed more at our older offspring, those in the 8 to 13 range. The Museum of Farnham runs a monthly Young Archaeologist's Club, which is a great chance for your buddy Dr Jones to have get stuck into local history and archaeology. The club explores everything from Prehistory through the Romans (what did they ever do for us?), Anglo Saxons and they even explore what life is like as an archaeologist. There’s so many activities at the club: craft sessions, trips out and even digs! Being such a great club, it is very popular so booking is essential and you’ll need to contact the museum to confirm your place.

Telephone 01252 715 094 to book places.