Rainy Days for the Family in Surrey, things to do, indoor activities

MUM'S THE WORD Indoor Fun in Surrey

31.05.2016 / words: The Guide 2 Surrey / image: Fiona Digby - Jones

Bah - the Great British Summer can sometimes well and truly fail us, dearest reader. But fret not! We have a list of entirely indoor activities for the whole family! Do read on...



Midleton Industrial Estate Road, Guildford
Cost: One hour of jump time (includes non-slip AirHop socks) £11.50 pp

Bouncing around in a room of trampolines? Dodgeball? Bouncy basketball? Throwing yourself from a great height into a pool of foam? Yes, yes, yes and four times yes.

A session at Guildford’s Airhop is a time of bouncy brilliance, and if this slightly jiggly 30-year-old enjoyed it with giddy abandon, you can be sure that whether you’re 20 years older or younger, then you will love it…


Rock Box

Guildford Spectrum
Cost: 1 hour group booking: £12.75 per person

Rock Box is a brand new approach to climbing; you don’t need any training or experience. Fast paced sessions, lots of fun and everyone can have a go - the Rock Box is made up of a number of unique climbing elements, which cater both for adults and kids.

So it’s not important of your age or level of experience, you can all have a bash!


Archery Tag

Sutton Green Garden Centre (and others)
Cost: Various – contact them on 0800 002 5054

What is archery tag, you ask? Think paintball minus the mess, folks. Only you get to fire a bow and arrow, which is wicked cool…

This is the ideal sport for the over 9s, and is competitive yet fun. And not as painful as its messy, camouflaged cousin. Although sessions take place throughout Sutton Green Garden Centre, sessions take place indoors across the county, so be sure to get in touch. Asterisk – Discover Archery who hold the sessions do lots of other archery events too…


Woking Pool in the Park

Woking Leisure Centre
Cost: Maximum £4.80 for standard peak swim

Pool in the Park has a wide range of facilities offering an excellent choice of water based sporting and leisure activities. Situated alongside Woking Park within Woking Leisure Centre, Pool in the Park has all the makings for a fantastic family day out as well as a solo swim session.

With three flumes, indoor rapids/lazy river, bubble pool, teaching pool, fountains and wave machine, the leisure pool has something to keep the youngsters entertained, but there’s also a ‘proper’ six lane competition pool too.


Chocolate Kitchens

Hampton Court Palace
Cost: Free with entry

From commoners to royalty, ever since the cocoa bean arrived in Britain in the 17th century everyone has been crazy for chocolate. But as the fashion for drinking chocolate swept through the nation in the following century, only kings and queens could afford to enjoy chocolate made by hand by their personal chocolatier.
This is no better evidenced than in the exhibit at Hampton Court Palace, which only re-opened last year after 300 years. Education AND chocolate? It’s the perfect compromise…


Little Street

Station Approach, Frimley
Cost: Child (Includes free entry for 1 adult) – £5.75 off-peak / £6.25 peak

Oh how we do love this place, utterly perfect for small children. The title is fairly self-explanatory – a little street, complete with little amenities, for your little ones’ imagination to run wild within. Amazing.

We shall say no more and instead direct you to our review with 2 year & 7 month old Martha here


The Colour Cauldron

Smithbrook Kilns, Cranleigh
Cost: Various

The Colour Cauldron Pottery Painting Studio is a lovely spacious place, set in the attractive and tranquil Smithbrook Kilns in Cranleigh. You come here to create your own private work of art that you’ll undoubtedly display with gusto in your pad, and you can come with your friends, family and even hen do’s.

But here, it’s all about the family. Pottery and painting is a fun way to inflame the creativity of your mini me – a perfect way to spend a rainy day.


Family Flicks at the Ambassadors

Ambassadors Cinema Woking
Cost: £2 a ticket

Because the cinema is always the default, is it not? And with a family flick every Saturday at the Ambassadors, there’s always a great way to spend a morning. Especially for a single £2 coin per person…

As a little aside, reader – the Ambassadors also do Baby Flicks during the term time for the littlest ones. Good on ‘em for catering to all your familial needs eh?


Laser Quest

The Big Apple, Woking
Cost: £6.50 for one game, £9.50 for two and £11.50 for three (non-members)

Ah the classic adolescent day out – and memories of this day are always firmly entrenched in the memory of many a laser-quester. Yes the classic game of cat and mouse is available to play at Woking’s Big Apple.

Always hugely exciting for the pre-teens and beyond, this is a day that’s sure to give you a lot of parental kudos – and you could always enter to open up a can of whoop-ass ‘pon the youngsters… (and if this isn’t your bag, there’s bowling and arcade games too).