During the summer, your car’s air conditioning takes on a lot of work to cool you down. The process is complex: It takes hot, contaminated air, filters it, removes extra moisture and moves cool air from a refrigerant (Freon) to the cabin, where it’s disbursed through vents. As you’re diligent about getting your oil changed, it’s important to keep up with routine auto maintenance—and this includes a regular check-up for your air conditioner.

Why is my AC blowing hot air?

A professional HVAC technician will inspect your home climate-controlled systems, including the ductwork, for problems that may be easier to fix than you might think. This preventative care can also extend the life of your home’s AC system, which will ultimately save you money on energy bills.

In addition to repairs, this San Diego-based company specializes in installation of new home central air conditioning systems and ductless air conditioning. They also provide free professional evaluations and offer financing for replacement systems. Military, fire, police and teacher discounts are available.

This family-owned and operated HVAC company works on commercial and home air conditioning systems. They offer 24/7 emergency services and have a lifetime guarantee on all work. They also install insulation and ductless air conditioning systems, and offer free energy evaluations. They specialize in Energy-Star Amana heating and cooling systems made in the US, and provide residential financing. This company is a trusted name in San Diego. They have been in business since 1952 and are well-known for their professional service, which is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Progressive Heating & Air
4828 Ronson Ct, San Diego, CA 92111, United States
Phone: +18585295050
Website: progressiveairconditioning.com

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