Basement Remodeling Orland Park IL

“My husband says I should remodel my basement because it’s old and not livable. I think it would be a good idea.” Those words are from a real estate agent’s husband, but they are unfortunately representative of a large number of women who have the same problem. The fact is that basements are generally just as livable as many other “run-down” residential spaces, they just need a certain level of TLC and creativity to really shine.


Basement Remodeling Orland Park IL was always my favorite room in the house. Even when we had two kids it was always our favorite room in the house. It’s always been cold and dark, and I always felt uncomfortable in it. So I told my husband that I definitely wanted to do a remodeling project and he said why don’t you just hire somebody who is a pro and won’t cost you as much as I would be spending if I hire someone and they don’t do a good job. We went on to have another baby and my husband decided to quit his job and move out in January.


We tried several different companies before we found one that was going to do the remodeling the way we wanted it done without charging us an arm and a leg. The best part was that we were able to tell the man who helped us right away that he understood exactly what we were looking for and he was very open and honest with us. He also made us feel very comfortable and allowed us to come up with the budget that we needed for the project. My husband is now fully recovered from his first baby and has started doing the remodeling himself and is very happy with the end result. I am so happy with the work that our contractor did that I want to thank him for it.

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