It doesn’t matter what kind of budget you have for your Bali holiday, there is a Bali spa to provide you with everything you would want on your trip. You can choose from the best spa in Bali or a spa near your hotel if your accommodation allows it. If you are visiting Bali with a small budget, there are a few luxurious and exclusive spa resorts in Bali that you can visit without straining your wallet.

The Best Spa in Bali

Udaya Uada Resort is located in Ubud, Bali. Spa Bali | The Istana Hotel is another popular spa spot located in Ubud and just a stones throw from the popular Udaya Uada. Best spa in Bali for couples here is the Udaya Resort. The waters in the Udaya Resort are very rich in minerals thus making it one of the best spa spots in Bali whether you would prefer a mineral facial or a soothing mud mask.

The Sunac resort is also a great place for spa holidays in Bali as they offer a wide array of spa treatments including a full service spa, an on site spa, a full service salon, and a Balinese food court. One of the best things about the Sunac spa is that the spa treatments are not only available for adults, but also for children and babies. You can also find a stand alone spa here in Bali which will allow you to save some of your money for other things you may need during your trip.

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