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March 2016

Recent posts

Hot Shop: Lower Lodge Candles, Fernhurst
Should you wish for a fragrant, atmospheric addition to your abode then you have to pay a visit to Fernhurt's Lower Lodge Candles. Boasting a big and beautiful...
Hot Shop: Wattle and Daub, Godalming
Wattle and Daub in Godalming prides itself on searching out beautiful and well-made art, textiles and furniture, combined with vintage finds, all among a striking...
Hot Shop: Corkage, Guildford
Yet another brilliant addition to the Guildford landscape is Corkage, a brand new fully independent wine shop. You can come in and taste wine by the glass and they...
Hot Shop: Paisley Cat, Farnham
Certainy one of the best monikers we've seen from a hot shop, Paisley Cat in Farnham is a wonderful shop that boasts beautiful, interesting and fun gifts,...