Spring Manufacturer

A Spring Manufacturer | Reliable Spring is a company that designs and manufactures mechanical springs for the North American market. The organization also supports precision spring manufacturers in world markets through educational programs and technical resources. Companies interested in joining the institute should contact the organization for more information. The Institute welcomes companies from any country that manufactures springs, including branches of international companies. There are several benefits for membership. These include: recruitment, education, training, technical assistance, and networking opportunities.

Help You Get Starting A Full-service Manufacturer

Wire forming is the most common process for producing springs. This method involves winding wire around a metal blank. Different metals produce different levels of compressibility. CNC-programmable machines are used to complete this process. A Spring Manufacturer may use more than one type of wire for its manufacturing process. For the most precise results, an organization should use a CNC programmable machine to manufacture springs. The final product is typically one or two millimeters thick.

Coiling a spring begins with coiling the wire. The wire is heated to a temperature that makes it more flexible. In a standard coiling machine, a wire up to 75 mm in diameter can be wound. A thicker steel bar may require a heated wire process. Once the wire has reached the desired temperature, it is immediately dipped in oil to cool quickly. This process is known as shot peening.

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