Whether you’re running errands, hitting the gym, or just enjoying your morning cup of coffee, a one shoulder sports bra is the perfect accessory. Featuring an athleisure style, this bra’s exclusive PwrFlex(tm) material makes it a top choice for any activity.

Are GymShark clothes worth it?

One shoulder sports bras are made from high-performance fabrics, which means that they won’t sag or fall during workouts. They are made from a blend of Polyamide, Polyester, and Elastane and provide lightweight support without bulky straps. One shoulder sports bras also eliminate the need for two sports bra straps.

Contrast One Shoulder Sports Bra: The Contrast one shoulder sports bra features one fixed shoulder strap and asymmetrical neckline. It is made with contrast trimming for added flair. This style is a great option for women with bigger busts who want a stylish one-shoulder sports bra.

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