Functional Strong and Fit training is a type of strength and conditioning that trains all of your major muscle groups in unison while strengthening the supporting muscles and stabilizers that are needed to make movements more efficient.

What is called strength?

This training is best suited to those who want to improve overall strength and stability, says Jeff Hoobler of Wahoo Sports Science in New York City. It can also be used in combination with traditional strength training and HIIT workouts to build full-body health and fitness.

The basic premise of functional training is to mimic the movement patterns that we do every day in our lives, including running, jumping, lifting, bending and twisting, according to physical therapist Grayson Wickham, founder of Movement Vault. By performing exercises like squats and deadlifts with proper form at the gym, you can automatically replicate the movements outside when it’s time to pick up a box from a high shelf or carry something heavy.

While these movements may seem simple, they are actually quite complex and require coordination and flexibility in all three cardinal planes of motion- sagittal, frontal and transverse. By developing your movement skills through functional training, you can build a stronger and more coordinated body without getting injured.

You’ll also improve your balance and stability while engaging the entire body, rather than only a few isolated muscles, as you would in traditional strength-based training. This helps you maintain mobility and flexibility, so you can age better, prevent injuries and keep moving for years to come.

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