“Auto Repair Subaru Specialist’s” has been a successful business since 1998. “Auto Repairs Subaru Specialist” has expanded into a full service shop offering complete auto repair services including engine, transmission and brakes repairs. “Subaru repairs Ballajura” is located in the heart of Subaru’s home area. “We are ready to help our clients any time of the day or night, no matter what auto part they need”. From new and used cars, to economy and limited mileage cars, “Subaru” will have the parts that your vehicle needs for any type of automotive repair.


“We service all makes and models of cars. Some people prefer to drive certain types of vehicles. If you know which car you drive most often, it is a good idea to find a shop that specializes in that make and model. Maybe you want your tires rotated or maybe you need your brakes inspected. Do not leave your car in the shop unless it is an emergency situation. We can change your oil, change your tires, and carry out basic maintenance on your vehicle as well.


“If your car breaks down and needs a major auto repair we can come to your house, park, and work on your car inside or outside your home. We can do tire rotations, check valves and belts, replace spark plugs and even carry out routine wheel alignment and bodywork repairs. All services are performed on a cash basis with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Feel free to contact us if you need any information about vehicle maintenance, transmission problems or even aftermarket tire and brake products.”

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