TWINS Education’s free IGCSE online tuition provides students with the freedom and flexibility to study at their own pace. They can also focus on topics they find challenging, rather than being forced to spend time reviewing concepts that they already know. In addition, the one-on-one lessons allow them to work at a pace that suits their learning style, so they can get the most out of their IGCSE tuition experience.

How much is the Igcse tuition fee?

It’s important for teachers and parents of twins and multiples to remember that it’s not just the children themselves who may suffer when they are separated from one another at school. Research suggests that if siblings are separated from each other at an early age, they can develop a variety of psychological issues and problems that can negatively impact their lifelong academic standing.

Moreover, some twins are naturally competitive and will seek to outperform their sister or brother in any area they can, including school results. When they share the same classroom, these twins can become resentful of each other and the perceived advantage that their sister or brother gets as a result of their being in the same class.

In these cases, it is sometimes best to keep the twins together in the same class to avoid a sense of resentment between them and to help them deal with any issues they have outside of the classroom that can affect their performance at school. After all, we can’t deny that, as parents, convenience plays a huge role in our decisions, and no parent should be judged for choosing the route that’s easiest for them and their kids.

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