What exactly is a Dump Brace? These devices are most commonly used by truck drivers and mechanics for lifting and lowering heavy vehicles without using ramps or other ramps. When you need to raise a certain vehicle, it can be quite difficult to find an open ramp that will work without the use of a dump brace. These devices have been around for quite some time but have only recently become popular amongst individuals who need to raise or lower large items on their own.

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The dump brace is simply a device that is installed on the backside of your vehicle. Once the brace is installed on the backside of the truck, it will lock into place around the tire making it impossible for anyone to remove the wheel without removing the dump brace. There are many reasons why this type of lock set up is necessary when it comes to raising or lowering a load, however one of the biggest reasons is because of the dangers of striking the ground. You wouldn’t want to be totaled out while being lifted up with a load so this was a great device to avoid this happening.

Now there are two main styles of Dump Braces, one is called a self-contained brace and the other is called a tire mounted brace. With the self-contained style, you must remove the front end of the tire and bolt the brace to the tire which also requires removal of the wheel. If you choose the tire mounted style, the entire unit is bolted together and usually has a seal which helps the entire system stay in place around the tire. Either option is good to go with but just make sure that you do take the time to practice installing and removing the brace before attempting to install any additional items on the truck.

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